Naissance de Gabi 

Naissance de / Birth of Garbiel Dupré

Birth story

Short version: Gabriel was born on Friday January 31th 2003 at 5:57pm; nine days early. He weighted 7lb 12oz and measured 18 and half inches. He's Apgar scores were 9 and 9.

Long version: I went to sleep around 2 in the morning on Thursday night and was awaken a couple of times by some contractions. By 7 am I was not able to sleep anymore so I made my morning coffee and went looking TV. At that point my contractions were 6-8 min apart. My husband took our son Arthur to daycare and went to work around 9 am. Finally I decided to prepare my bags for the hospital. Around 10 I called my doula to tell her that I think today is the day, but that I will call her back around noon when I came back from my massage. So I went to my massage at 11 where I had 7 contractions for the hour massage. The contractions were really not hurting, but the massage and the pressure point on my calf speeded up my contractions afterwards and they became stronger. I call back my doula who came around 1pm. Then I finished my homework for Monday class (I am a PhD student and have one class this semester), eat lunch and then called my OB/GYN because my contractions were 4 to 5 minutes apart. They told me to come to be checked.

So I went with my doula to the doctors. As I was giving urine sample, my doula overheard the nurses say that I am most likely not in active labor because I was to happy. The nurse practitioner checked me and I was 90 % effaced, 4-5 cm dialated and at -1 station. At my last doctors visit which was the day before I was 80 % effaced and 2 cm dialated (0 station) and the doctor thought that I wouldn't go before late next week. So the nurse told me to go imediately to the hospital. First I called my husband who was at work to pick up Arthur from daycare and to come home as soon as possible so we could go to the hospital. So my doula and me went home and waited for my husband. Once he came, Arthur stayed with my parents who are here to help during the first days after the birth and I left for the hospital with Christophe, my husband and the doula was following us.

We arrived at 4 pm. They started by filling up paperwork and monitoring the baby's hearthrate and my contractions. After 45 min the intern check me and I was 5-6 cm dialated so they ruptured my membrane. There was meconium in the amniotic fluid so they told me that the baby will be seen by pediatricians immediatly after birth. With my membrane ruptured the contractions became even more strong, but still bearable. Then they decided to start the IV for theseline solution and needed to draw some blood from me. But my contractions were really close by and they didn't have enough time in between to do it correctly. Also I have really difficult veins, they are not able to find them easily. So they trided at different places on my arms and at least two people tried. At the end when they were taking the last vial of blood I had a really bad contraction and my arm jerked, so I send lots of blood everywhere including on my husband shirt. My doctor came during this ordeal around quarter to 6. At that point I was asking for an epidural because the contractions were so bad. So the doctor said to call for the anesthesiologist and he went to change himself and jokingly said he would go see the news at 6. When he came back 5 minutes later to check if everything is OK. The nurses said that they think I was pushing so he check me and I was at 10 cm and the baby was crowning. At that point the anesthesiologist came and the doctor told him that it is too late I was giving birth. So I pushed and I pushed. The doctor made a small episiotomy because he couldn't strech my perinium enough and I already had an episiotomy from last time; he was woried that I would rip at my old scare. So my son was born at 5:57 pm and my doctor even had enough time to go see the national news at 6:30. The baby was fine.

Now me and the baby are doing fine. We came home on Sunday, February 2nd. He is nursing like a charm and it is really an easy baby. His big brother is also ajusting fine.

Une contraction
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Heureuse entre les contractions
Heureuse entre les contractions *
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Le travail :-)
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Gabi a quelques minutes.
Gabi a quelques minutes. *
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Heureux papa
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La première tétée
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Arthur et les grand parents sont là.
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Arthur qui se demande ce qui se passe
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